Have your say about persistent and mobile substances: a challenge for the environment and circular economy

Are you dealing with persistent mobile (PM) pollutants and would you like to share your knowledge and experience?

Then, you are welcome to fill out our PROMISCES H2020 questionnaire here and you will receive a summary of the results!

Your answers will be used to help design a Decision Support Framework (DSF) to support key stakeholders in their decisions on prevention, reduction and management of PM(T)s and to promote harmonisation of European policy and regulation on PM(T) risk management.

Currently, the construction of the DSF is built around 5 circular economy routes: (i) semi-closed water cycles for drinking water supply at urban and catchment scale; (ii) wastewater reuse for irrigation in agriculture; (iii) nutrient recovery from sewage sludge; (iv) material recovery from dredged sediment and (v) land remediation for safe reuse in urban areas. This is reflected in the structure of the questionnaire.

To be able to design an effective decision support system we would like to learn more about your needs and your experiences: the critical issues regarding PM(T) substances and the good practices / solutions that you would like to share.

Some general instructions before you start:  

- You can select the sections you want to contribute to according to your field of expertise and interest.

- Replying to this survey will, depending on your expertise, take between 20min (basics only) and 2hr (more in-dept analysis).

- The system allows to stop and continue at a later stage.

- The Word file can be used to have an overview of the various questions and to work with colleagues involved in the preparation of the answers*.

- The deadline for replies is 20 June 2022

If you agree to leave your email-address you will receive evaluation/summary of the survey results. This will give you an insight into the current needs and good practices regarding PM(T) substances.

If you have any questions, please contact and oceane.feuger@ineris.fr

Stakeholder Questionnaire

Your voice matters and we thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

*NOTE: Directly integrated in the on-line survey you will be able to view and download:

1) the questionnaire as

word file

2) the PMT reference list of compounds elaborated by the UBA, Germany. This is a list of REACH substances that could fulfil proposed (very) Persistent, (very) Mobile and Toxic (PMT/vPvM) criteria according to the German Environment Agency (UBA), Germany.

UBA_PMT list 2019