Meet the Team: Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde (BfG)

June 19, 2024


What are your main tasks in the project?

The German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG) is involved in severel Workpackages of the PROMISCES project: WP1, WP2, WP4 and WP6. Further, we are part of Case Study 1, located in Berlin, and Case Study 2, located in the Danube catchment area. We are mainly responsible for performing suspect screening for over 1,500 organic contaminants in aqueous water samples collected in the two different case studies.


What are your goals?

Our goal is to provide a better, more comprehensive picture of chemicals present in surface water, groundwater, wastewater and industrial effluents. Our work will help to determine emerging substances that have not been focused on yet.


Alicia Hartmann. @BfG


Christian Dietrich. @BfG

What do you particularly like about the project?

In PROMISCES, many project partners work together on the same topic: PFAS and iPMT substances in the environment. By combining the expertise from different scientific fields in this multidisciplinary project, the topic is approached from different perspectives to hopefully find better and more suitable solutions.


How does your work help the general public?

Water as a resource is important for everybody and must therefore be protected. Assessing the pollution of different water compartments by monitoring a broad range of organic contaminants is necessary to generate the knowledge future decisions may be based on, for example when it comes to restricting or banning chemicals.