Meet the Team: IDAEA

IDAEA-CSIC-group picture Zuschnitt

May 11, 2023

What are your main tasks in the project?

IDAEA-CSIC contributes to Case Studies 3 and 7. Here, we have different tasks, for example, the development of new analytical methodologies for determination of water pollution by industrial chemicals. We also assess the occurrence, fate and impact of industrial pollutants in the water cycle and evaluate new treatments for elimination of industrial pollutants, including PFAS and organochlorine solvents, from water. Further, we conduct a study on the uptake of industrial pollutants by crops after irrigation with treated wastewater.


What are your goals?

One of our goals is to make the reuse of treated wastewater a safe, regular practice. We also want to help diminish the contamination of water by potentially harmful, but little investigated industrial pollutants.


What do you particularly like about the project?

Water is a very valuable and important resource for everyone but becomes increasingly scarce. We like about PROMISCES that the project wants to make the safe reuse of wastewater possible, for example, for agricultural irrigation or even drinking water. Therefore, new treatment technologies to diminish water pollution and analytical tools to control water pollution in a circular economy context are being developed.

How does your work help the general public?

With our work, we want to ensure water supply in the current climate change scenario. We aim to increase the quantity and quality of the available water resources through the safe reuse of treated wastewater and the mitigation of the contamination of groundwater.