Meet the Team: INERIS

INERIS Zuschnitt

June 15, 2023

What are your main tasks in the project?

We are the co-leader of Work Package (WP) 5. One of our tasks is to design a Decision Support Framework (DSF) to support decisions on preventing, mitigating, and remediating PM(T) substances in the environment. The DSF maps PMTs, offers solutions at different places in the PM(T) life cycle and supports co-creation of risk management strategies for different PM(T)-use combinations. Ineris also contributes in WP1 to the development of a novel QSAR modelling and novel chemical categorization of toxicological endpoints of PM(T) according to the latest standards.

What are your goals?

In a nutshell, our goal is to actively collaborate with European partners to contribute to a better assessment of chemical substances for a better prevention of chemical environmental and health impacts.

What do you particularly like about the project?

We like the aim of PROMISCES: to know PM(T) substances like PFAS better so that the future exposure can be prevented.

How does your work help the general public?

Our Institute’s mission is to contribute to the prevention of risks caused by economic activities to health, environment, and the safety of people and goods. This fits well with our work in PROMISCES:   To ensure a safe reuse and recovery of resources in a European Circular Economy, stakeholders, for example drinking water companies, water authorities or producers of PM(T) substances, need to make informed decisions when it comes to prevention and reduction of (critical) PM(T) substances in the environment. With the DSF, we contribute directly to a safe environment for the people.