CS #6: Fate and transport and (bio)remediation of soil and groundwater contaminated by PFAS from AFFFs, Orléans  

Case Study 6 is located on the experimental platform pluri metric pilot (PMP) Prime in Orléans (France), a research infrastructure that connects laboratory experiments and full-scale tests.

The PMP allows very detailed monitoring of PFAS fate and transport (in saturated and unsaturated zones) and PFAS remediation. By reproducing unsaturated zone and groundwater at semi-real scale, the PMP plant provides 4D monitoring of the unsaturated-saturated continuum. It is the ideal environment for scaling-up TRL and validating and demonstrating remediation technologies. 

The work plan consists in a long-term (24 months) experiment to allow:

1) simulation of water circulation to assess migration and fate of PFAS through porous media;

2) convincing demonstration of cost-effective, safe and sustainable treatment trains for soil and groundwater polluted by PFAS;

3) modelling PFAS fluxes from a contaminated soil to groundwater based on a complete 4D dataset obtained under controlled conditions. 

PluriMetric Pilot