CBT: PROMISCES at the „Water Innovation Day” of the Catalan Water Partnership

On February 14, 2024, Maria José Muñoz from PROMISCES partner Consorci Besòs Tordera (CBT) presented Case Study 3 at the “Water Innovation Day”. The event was organized by the Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) whose objective is to promote the transfer of knowledge around technological innovations and R&D for the sustainable use of water in the region Catalonia in Spain.

Due to the water emergency situation that Catalonia is suffering, it is imperative to guarantee a more efficient use of water, finding innovative solutions to contribute to the saving and/or reuse of water, as well as to the use of alternative resources to minimize the water consumption.

As part of its strategy to address this problem, CBT has planned the construction of different Water Regeneration Stations considering the potential demands estimated in its Regenerated Water Master Plan and the characteristics of the area.

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Presenting Case Study 3 of PROMISCES. @CBT

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Participants of the Water Innovation Day. @CBT

The CBT scope of action is characterized by its high presence of industrial activity. Consequently, in the treatment of its waters to obtain high-quality regenerated water, the presence of emerging contaminants cannot be overlooked. Case Study 3 is based on the removal of complex emerging contaminants from wastewater and will be carried out at the Urban River Lab, installed at the Montornès del Vallès wastewater treatment plant.

“In relation to this, the opportunity arises to collaborate in case study 3 within the PROMISCES Project, where we are working together with Eurecat and CSIC” adds María José Muñoz, innovation technician at CBT, in her speech.