QSAR Lab: Presentation of Structure-based approach for predicting toxicity of PFAS


Dr. Eng. Anita Sosnowska from QSAR Lab gave a talk on the second online webinar on “Models for Toxicology” – In-silico models in toxicology: Approaches and evidence. It took place on 31 January, 2024. The Webinar was organized by ALTERNATIVE, a sister project of PROMISCES.

In the presentation entitled: “Structure-based approach for predicting toxicity of PFAS”, Dr. Sosnowska described the results obtained during the PROMISCES Project.

The webinar was a great initiative for sharing ideas and research results between the sister projects ZeroPM, SCENARIOS and PROMISCES.

The second Online Workshop on Models for Toxicology brought together several European project partners and coordinators and the Green Deal project coordinators working on Models for Toxicology, as well as policy officers from the European Commission and relevant project officers from the Executive agencies. The webinar was attended by over 50 participants.